8 de June de 2023

Routes of tapas


Follow our routes by yourself to discover the Pinchos and Tapas of San Sebastian, or choose our PRIVATE GUIDED PINTXOS TOURS of Todopintxos subsidiary SAN SEBASTIAN PINTXOS TOURS. An expert in pintxos from Todopintxos.com will prepare a customized tour to suit your preferences and budget, and will accompain you and deal with the bars.
For more information visit www.sansebastianpintxos.com or email us at info@sansebastianpintxos.com


Do you want to go on your own? You may follow any of our suggested routes, or combine them. Prices are approximate
Eating tapas in the Centre area route (view route)
Price: 30 € each
Not so overcrowded than the Parte Vieja and Gros, the Centre area has boosted its quality level in the last years. Here, we offer you a route in this, day by day, more interesting area with many innovative tapas.
Eating tapas in the Old Part (Parte Vieja) route (view route)
Parte Vieja
Price: 25 € each
A route through some of the best bars in the very heart of the miniature cuisine. A route in the Meca of the tapas.
Eating tapas in the Zurriola - Gros area. route (view route)
Price: 33 € each
Maybe, the second most traditional area for tapas in San Sebastian. We suggest a route through some of the most well known bars there.
Good, Nice, Cheap route (view route)
Centro-Parte Vieja
Price: 22 € each
A selecction of bars with a good quality-price relation. Enjoy the best of Donostia the most inexpensive way possible.
Luxurious way route (view route)
Gros-Parte Vieja
Price: 50 € each
A route through the most pretigious bars of pinchos of San Sebastián. A tour for the most demanding palates in a combination of innovation and classicism.
The most flowery route (view route)
Centro-Parte Vieja
The most colorful bars, the greatest assortments of pinchos at your disposal. A tribute to the bars with more spectacular pinchos of San Sebastian.
The Newest of the Old Town route (view route)
Parte Vieja
Price: 25 € each
A route through the newest and most innovative bars of the "Parte Vieja" of San Sebastian. For those who want to be pioneers.
Well-known classics route (view route)
Centro-Parte Vieja
Price: 24 € each
Their specialty made them popular. Go into a selection of bars recognized by their fine job. Try the skewer of prawns of the Goiz Argi and the minis of the la Bodega Donostiarra. Don't forget the gabilla of the Alustiza, take a pintxo of pie of fish in the Hika Mika and taste the awarded pincho of anchovy with sauce of spider crab in the Txepetxa.

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